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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Thomas J. Thomas

(801) 691-2813




2022 EIPA 4.0

2021 EIPA 3.9

2020 BA ASL Deaf Studies emphasizes Interpreting

2020 180 Hour internship with Described and Captioned Media Program

2019 Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) result 3.6

2019 Pass written portion of Utah State Interpreter Exam

2019 ASL 3750 Deaf Cinema

2018 ASL 3340 Interpreting as a Profession

2018 ASL 3320 Phycology of Interpreting

2018 BESC 107G Multicultural Societies

2018 MKTG – 2020 Written Business Communication

2017 ASL 4610 ASL Literature

2016 1010 Criminal Justice

2016 ASL 3350 Consecutive Interpreting

2015 BIOL 1010 Biology

2015 ASL 3360 Simultaneous Interpreting

2015 TECH 1010 Introductory Tech

2015 MATH 1010 College Algebra

2015 ASL 3390 Professional Issues of Interpreting

2015 ASL 4410 Advanced ASL Linguistics II

2014 ASL 3330 Cross-Cultural Communication and Interpreting

2014 HUM 1010 Humanities through the Arts

2014 ASL 439R Applied Medical Interpreting

2013 ASL 3530 Deaf Culture 1970 - Today

2013 PHIL 2050 Ethics and Values

2013 ASL 4730 Ethics in Interpreting

2012 Passed written portion of Utah State Interpreter Exam

2012 Volunteered to interpret Senior Adult Firesides

2012 ASL 4800 Multicultural Issues in the Deaf World

2012 ASL 4330 Visual Linguistic Interpreting

2012 ASL 3610 ASL Literature 1

2010 Started College at Utah Valley University (UVU)

2007 Graduated Tooele High School

2007 CPR Certified





2022: Work at ASL Owl to host Interpreter Workshops

2022: Briefly worked at Speedway gas station.

2022: Assist High School teacher with setting up the curriculum for the 2022-23 school year. 

2022: Work with High School students to interpret the play "Legally Blond Jr"

2020-2022: Interpreter for Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind

2019: Educational Interpreter for Utah School for the Deaf and Blind

2016 - 2019: Allied Universal

            Security Professional at various sites

            Obtained Security Guard License

2015: Shift Lead at Chevron

2015 Outbound Call Center: MediaFire

Project Peak Education Offer to send information about local colleges that people qualify for.

2015 Inbound Call Center: Vivint Home Security

2014 Inbound call center for Converges

Project DirecTV worked in the Customer Retention Group 85% Retention Rate

2011 Worked at Deseret Industries as Custodian

2010 Custodian at UVU.

                        Vacuum Specialist

2008 Worked for Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing

            Safety Leader

                        Identify safety hazards and implement new safety protocols.

2007 Intern Photographer’s Assistant for Thomas Photography

Childhood Photographers Assistant

            Assist photographers in needs including providing film, cary and set up camera equipment.




2015 Established the Thomas ASL Deaf Studies Scholarship

            - Preferably male students but must have neurological damage and majoring in ASL Deaf Studies at UVU.

2014 Made ASL Vision Therapy Logs

2014 Established ASL Deaf Studies Scholarship

            For people who are ASL Deaf Studies Majors at UVU who have had Neurological damage


2014 Vision Therapy (Set of exercises designed to strengthen your eyes and improve coordination)

            Invented “Thomas Toy” (Marsden Ball/Brock String combined)


2011 Founded/Manage the group “Brains of the Round Table”

            Support group for people that have had neurological damage. (Currently open group found on Facebook.)

2011 Car Accident resulting in TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)


2011 Initiated Mitsubishi vs Thomas (Settled outside of court.)

2008-2010 Full time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

            Assigned to work in the language of ASL (American Sign Language)

2010 District Leader as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

            Lead 6 other missionaries to encourage and offer new ways to find, teach and baptize investigators.

2008 Participated in research group to remove Wisdom Teeth

2008 In Play “Oklahoma”

2007 Debate Team

2007 Track and Field Team

            100 meter sprint, 200 meter sprint

2007 FFA

2007 CPR certified

2007 Eagle Scout

            Project: Paint Fire Hydrants

2007 Priesthood Music Leader

            Direct music for Priesthood opening exercises

2007 In the play for “7 Brides for 7 Brothers”

12-14 President of Deacons Quorum

            Assist in organizing sacrament administration to members within church and who are unable to attend church.

16-18 First counselor in Priest Quorum

            Assist in blessing the sacrament.

14-16 President of Teacher Quorum

            Assist in the preparation of the sacrament.

12-14 President of Deacons Quorum

            Assist in organizing sacrament administration to members within church and who are unable to attend church.





2010: Video Games (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series S)

2007 Snorkel Certified

2007 Scuba Certified

2007 Make model rockets

2007 CPR certified

2007 Eagle Scout

Teenage Participate in family shotgun shootings.

Teenage 2x in “Benson Gristmill Pageant”

Childhood Memorized “The Benson Gristmill Pageant”

Childhood Taught how to ride a horse

Childhood 2-years of basketball

Childhood 1-year softball

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